Groundbreaking on Nov 1, 2015

What is a Columbarium?

It is a place for the respectful storage of urns holding cremated remains. The term comes from the Latin word for dove (columba) and originally referred to a dovecote. The Columbarium at St. Andrew’s, which will be located to the north east of the Parish House Building, will be made of granite and situated in a lovely memorial garden atmosphere. We will begin with one 48 niche granite Columbarium structure, adding three additional columbaria to All Saints’ Memorial Garden over time.

Christian Burial & End of Life

The Columbarium is located on the grounds of the Parish House and is convenient for burial following services at either Union Chapel or the Parish House. Those who are considering the purchase of a niche in the Columbarium are encouraged to write out their wishes for their funeral in addition to other end-of-life planning, such as creating a will and advanced directives. We invite members of the congregation to place a copy of their desired funeral arrangements on file in the parish office.

How much will it cost?

A niche, which will hold two separate urns, will cost $2500 with some additional expenses such as opening the niche and engraving per urn (approximately $200-450). A check for $2500 made payable to St. Andrew’s, with “columbarium niche” in the memo line will secure a niche for you. A packet, which includes the contract, will be mailed to you directly.

Who can be buried here?

The Columbarium is open to people of all backgrounds. A person is not required to hold a service at St. Andrew’s in order to be interred in the Columbarium.

When will it be ready?

The Columbarium committee anticipates completion of the first unit (48 niches) in the spring of 2016. Niches will be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.

Special Memorial Donations:

To be completed Spring 2016

To be completed Spring 2016

All Saints’ Memorial Garden will offer several opportunities to purchase trees, benches and other elements as memorials to honor a deceased loved one. Please contact the rector for more information.

For more information:

Call 410-489-4035 for information about a Columbarium Packet