October 13, 2018 | Posted in Adult, Community, Education, Fellowship, Kids, Ministry, Mission, Youth

This event is for everyone! This event offers a hands-on experience suitable for all ages in the congregation. St. Andrew’s has a long history of valuing ministry that cares for people in need, and this experience offers a good educational foundation for participating in ministries of outreach.  Whether you are considering whether or not to serve Thanksgiving Dinner at Guardian Angel for a couple of hours this year or have already been to Honduras three times for a week of intensive ministry, this event will gives all who attend shared language and a thought-provoking common experience as we grow through serving others.

Dina participated in a Hunger Banquet eleven years ago in Annapolis. As she explained this event to me, she said, “This experience gives us the opportunity to think with our minds and feel with our hearts before we head out to serve with our hands. It is a sound foundation for a community like ours that values ongoing connection with people in deep need from Baltimore to Kentucky, from Honduras to Glenwood. What I experienced eleven years ago in this event was a powerful illustration of the hard realities around us paired with opportunities to actively respond as faithful people. I’d love to see all families come and learn together, so that they can share in ongoing reflection and conversation together as  children approach the harder realities present in our society.”

Hunger Banquet: an experiential, educational event for people of all ages and all faith communities to explore the realities of poverty, hunger, and injustice on a global scale. Attending with family members and friends creates an on-going and dynamic conversation about how we will live and eat together- join us and bring friends!

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Glenwood

2892 State Route 97, Glenwood, MD 21738

November 10, 7 pm – 8:30 pm, $5 per person

Call 410.489.4035 for additional information or to buy a ticket. Space is limited to 120 people. Hosted by the parish youth group and El Hogar/Honduras ministry team using materials from Oxfam.

Since 1974, Oxfam has been working with volunteers to create awareness of hunger. Oxfam Hunger Banquets give you the opportunity to make a difference, both locally and globally. They are volunteer-led interactive events that bring statistics about poverty to life. Guests randomly select tickets matching real people who are high-, middle-, or low-income earners, demonstrating that where you end up is all in the luck of the draw. These events help increase not only our awareness, but also our power to respond to global crises, highlight issues of injustice, and change the laws that keep people trapped in poverty.