March 29, 2017 | Posted in Adult, Education, Ministry, Worship

Daisy the Donkey is back!!  See her before the 9 and 11:15 AM services for the procession of the palms.

There is no Sunday School or Youth Groups.

Join us for Adult Forum – A Song and A Prayer: Tired of feeling embarrassed when someone asks you to say grace at a holiday meal, and you can’t remember all the words? Extemporaneous prayer (spontaneously, without the use of previously composed or standard prayers) is one answer. It’s easier than you think! Come to the Palm Sunday adult forum and find out how. Suzanne Miller will show how we can use the traditional “Collect” structure to help us “fill in the blanks” in our prayers and take on the challenge one step at a time. Interactively, we will, as a group, compose and pray a set of such prayers.