May 9, 2016 | Posted in Community, Fellowship, Ministry, Mission

To celebrate the birthday of the Christian church, St. Andrew’s is throwing a birthday party on May 15 at 10:15 am. During this party, we will be assembling birthday bags. Each bag will have a cake mix, candles, dry frosting mix, paper products and a birthday prayer. The completed bags will be given to Voices for Children, a non-profit organization in Howard County that recruits, trains and supervises for volunteers to be court appointed advocates for abused and neglected children.  For a list of exact items needed see below. We will begin collecting these items on Sunday May 1, then assemble the bags on May 15.

Exact items needed for birthday bags.
Paper gift bags
cake mix (only needing water, oil and eggs as extra ingredients)
dry frosting mix (only add water)
birthday candles (packs of 10-24 candles)
Packs of small paper birthday cake plates
packs of small paper birthday napkins